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Products: Cup Printing Machine and Plastic Vacuum Thermoforming Machine
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  High Speed Cup Printing Machine Multi Color  


  • Print Drinking Cup & Mineral Water Cup
  • Print Instant Noodle Bowl & Cup
  • Print Yogurt Cup & Ice Cream Cup
  • Print Conic Containers & Cylindrical Tube
Cup Printing Machine

  Features :
  • Lower printing cost.
  • Easily to clean ink.
  • Saving labour and saving time and saving place.
  • Easily to adjust the printing size and gradient on printing.
  • Strong and durable structure.
  • Easily to change printing plates, printing plates can be easily and rapidly changed.
  • Auto. feeding,Auto. printing, Auto. drying, Auto. counting, Auto. stacking, & Auto. discharging, & Auto. packing(optional).
  • Smaller space required.
  • Less labour required.
  • Ink-Kneading device and ink-feeding adjuster are effective.
  • Printing speed may be adjusted by free turn.
  • Easily to operate and maintain.
  • High technical auto. control system with safety and alarm devices to guard machine.
  • Available 1 color or multi colors in one touch.(one touch 1or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 colors is under Operator's control).

Cup Printing Machine

  High Speed Plastic Thermoforming Machine High Quality  
Applied to BOPS/ HIPS/ PS/ PP/ PVC/ PET Plastic Sheet
  1. Making Drinking Cup & Mineral Water Cup.
  2. Making Instant Noodle Bowl & Cup.
  3. Making Yogurt Cup & Ice Cream Cup.
  4. Making Containers & Fresh Food Tray.

  Features :
  1. Auto. Feeding & Auto. Heating.
  2. Auto. Thermoforming
  3. Auto. Punching.
  4. Auto. Thermoforming & Auto. Punching on the same Molding Platform.
  5. Auto. Rolling Waste.
  6. Driven by Servo Motor.
  7. Auto. Controlled by Touch Screen.
  8. Auto. Programmable Logical Controlling System.
  9. Easy to Operate and Maintain.